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Birel Karts

The quality of the Kart that your Go-karting track provides you with will impact on the type of experience you have and ultimately be a deciding factor in whether you pay a return visit to the facility.

The BIREL Kart has a number of characteristics that will ensure your comfort and safety, enabling your vist to Xtreme Indoor Karting to be the fun experience that you want it to be.

One of the key characteristics of the BIREL kart is it's improved safety over other karts. The weight of the chassis is ideal for easy manoeuvrability making the experience more realistic.The axel is of strong manufacture and the strength is commpounded because it is mounted to the four bearing support.

The safety of the BIREL kart is augmented by the fitment of long lasting brake pads which have substantial surface area contact with the brake disc. These pads are easily accessible and can be changed quickly to ensure consistency in braking.

The body of the BIREL kart is oval in shape which allows for minimum surface impact should any two karts collide, and the plastic used in creating the outer bumper of the kart is designed to absorb impact thereby diminishing any unpleasant jolting. This guard also includes wheel protection.

While safety is uppermost in mind when designing a Go-Kart, comfort is also a key factor in the enjoyment of the experience. The seat of the BIREL 35-X is mounted in order to provide a comfortable seating position while giving balance to the chassis. Stress and vibration to the seat is minimised through a specially designed support cradle.


This page was last updated on 10 May 2016.