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Get the most out of your Xtreme Indoor Karing Experience

Don't expect miracles the first time round. Firstly, at the Go-kart track you are in a race, and this takes a different set of skills than driving your every day car.

But once you have mastered your Go-kart there are a number of tricks and tips you can apply to get yourself to front of the pack.

How can children benefit from exposure to Go-Karting

Go-karting is not only about winning, and racing around a track at as high a speed as you can get out your Go-kart. Sure, it ultimately is a race and winning is the reason behind entering the race, but lets look at the other advantages people, and especially children can get out of it.

What can parents do to ensure the safety of the child and ensure fun?


This page was last updated on 10 May 2016.