Indoor Go Kart Racing

Xtreme Indoor Karting has a variety of different driving options. We cater for the following: Practice to actual racing sessions, from individuals to large groups. We customize each event to suit your specific needs. To make your experience more enjoyable we have unique packages. We offer you a state of the art Tag Heur timing system which has a detailed print out of your time on the trackextreme indoor kart racing. From fastest lap, average lap, individual lap times and your consistency throughout your time on the track. We have a number of screens around the track with multi HD displays. Xtreme Indoor Karting has a unique briefing room to ensure all patrons know the rules and regulations of the track before entering the track. This ensures your experience is a safe and pleasant one. Ensuring safety for all!

Go Kart Racing Prices

There is no need to book for arrive and drive, but it is advisable to give us a call and check how busy we are because the arrive and drive option operates on a first come first served basis.

Booking is only necessary for Venue Hire

Please note, all prices are exclusive of VAT.


Fun driving sessions for all individuals, groups, families etc. A perfect format to get some practice in, no winner, open session (1min)

Please note that for the 30 minute arrive and drive sessions we require a minimum of four individuals


Price Per Go Kart

10 Min - 22/27 Laps


20 Min - 40/45 Laps


30 Min - 88/108 Laps




Race like a professional (10 Laps) qualifying, 2x heats races (15 Laps each) and a final (25 Laps). Winner of the final is the winner (Min 6 people)


Price Per Go Kart






As the name suggests, experience endurance racing.
For individuals or team up with friends


Price Per Go Kart

60 Minute Enduro (min 5 karts) 2 Drivers per go kart


90 Minute Enduro (min 5 karts) 3 Drivers per go kart


120 Minute Enduro (min 5 karts) 3 Drivers per go kart


Go Karts at Xtreme Indoor Karting

The karts that XTREME INDOOR KARTING has on offer are the world’s best “BIREL” karts.


The N 35-X chassis is our choice of “BIREL” Kart. Together with a 270cc Honda engine, (most powerful in SA) this kart offers you as the driver an EXHILARATING yet safe ride. These karts have been designed by “BIREL” for recreational use, having safety in mind whilst maintaining a racing kart's charastics. The driving experience itself gives the feeling of a “REAL” kart. Driving this kart is not tiring but rather a ”FUN” experience.


Safety is one of the main priorities concentrated on with the N 35- X. The safety features have been developed over many years by analyzing all major sources of risk for drivers and adopting solutions which have been tested during more than 5 years of challenging Endurance racing. The frames prevent any ‘wheel to wheel’ contact and efficiently absorb shocks. At the same time, the braking system is highly efficient and the grip of the chassis is suited to the requirements of less competent drivers. The data gathered from the tracks, both indoor and outdoor, has been adopted into “BIREL’S” karts and is very comforting and confirms exceptional safety standards.

Other extra’s featured on our karts:

Go Karting Reviews


Hi Nadiera

Hope you are well. Thank you so much for being so hands on and amazing on Saturday, even my guests were so impressed with you professionalism and sincerity. It was truly an awesome party. I will definitely send you pics, I haven’t picked up the camera since Sat….but will definitely email them to you Once again, thanks for everything. You are an asset to your company and you really make things happen for your clients.

Kind regards Div


Hi there,

I hope you are doing great. I just want to thank you again for all your kind assistance with the Grant Thornton, IT Advisory Team Building. I would never have been able to pull off the event without your kindness, consideration and wonderful assistance. I have not forgotten about the pics, I haven’t had the chance to talk to my Directors as we’ve been missing each other at the office and in-fact I haven’t seen the pics myself. But I promise I will get back to you about it. Have a wonderful day further, see you at our Next event!

Olwethu Blom

Go Karting Staff

Our friendly staff are experienced and motivated to ensure that you enjoy your go karting experience

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Xtreme Go Karting Staff MemberXtreme Go Karting Staff MemberXtreme Go Karting Staff MemberXtreme Go Karting Staff Member

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