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Proper consideration needs to go into the design of a Go Kart track

A poorly designed track will make for poor entertainment and cause clients to not come back, not to mention the effect a poor quality track will have on the life-span of your karts.

The best tracks have been designed and built by expert craftsmen and builders, people who have the ultimate goal of a go kart track in mind: To have fun!

Go Kart Track Design

The competitive nature of the clients and of go-karting requires that there is not only competition amongst each other but that the track is sufficiently challenging.

One of the biggest challenges is space. Allotted space is often limited, and though it would be great to build a track that resembles a Formula One circuit the designers often have to select only the highlights and structure them around limited space. Which means they would need to look at the various options and choose the one that will prove to be the most challenging and forego the lesser.


Go-kart tracks are either made by laying concrete and tarring the surface or sometimes just plain concrete sheeting which is contoured to enable riding at speed. Where outdoor tracks are not paved they are usually left as a natural as possible, making for a complete outdoor experience.

Indoor tracks also need to be properly ventilated. The build-up of carbon monoxide and other gases emitted by the Go-karts can be dangerous.

Go Kart maintenanceMaintenance needs to be part of the design

Maintenance of the track should be minimal while the quality of the kart and the manner in which it is ridden will determine how often maintenance needs to be done on the karts, although a maintenance schedule to ensure that all pedals are in working order and that the braking system is effective.

Popularity of Go Karting

The popularity of Go-kart racing is ever on the increase. The competitive nature of this pass time makes it a great team building exercise and if encouraged can turn a hobby into a successful career.

There are go-karting tracks that have evolved into tracks where speed and time per lap are all important allowing go-karting to become a competitive sport whether it is endurance or road racing. Go-karts are designed to reach very high speeds making this a gateway to Formula One racing for many fledgling drivers.


Championship Go Karting

Once you have successfully designed the track and it has been tried and tested you will notice that among some of the regular visitors to your venue there is a competitive streak. Most Karting venues do accomodate the competivie energy by offering timed sessions, races and endurance racing.

Go Karting championships take place at various venues around the world and each track or venue is highly competive. Some of the venues are outdoors, and others like Xtreme Indoor Karting are indoor tracks.


This page was last updated on 10 May 2016.