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Women and Go-Kart racing

Go-karting sounds like a fun thing that boys can do with their fathers, and possibly even lead to the world of international motor racing. This domain was always pretty much a boys club but things are changing.

What about the girls? It seems not all young ladies stayed at home with their mothers while the guys were out doing guy stuff, some went along and proved that girls can do it too.

More and more woman are joining the competitive Go-kart scene with evry new season and although their numbers remain small these women are proving themselve to be worthy opponents.

Girls especially feel the need to prove themselve more keenly when in a male dominated area, yet they have the advantage of people not knowing that they are competing against a girl, because of the helmet and safety gear, nd for many of them there is the satisfaction of seeing the look on a competitors face when they realise they have been beaten by a girl.

Who are the women that have made racing their own?

After visiting a Go-kart track at the age of 8 Alice Powell became hooked on motor racing and has
And how does Alice deal with being a minority in her field? “Once you put your helmet on, it's a level palying field.” Alices goal is to become the first successful British woman to compete in Formula one within the next 5 to 10years.

Probably one of the better known names of women in motorsport is Danica Patrick, having started her racing career at the age of 10 she became a world Go-Karting champion before the age of 16 when she competed in Britains Formula Ford Festival earning a second place. Danica remains at the forefront of women in racing, continually setting records and acting as a spokesperson and model.

Annabeth Barnes is no stranger to the track. Her father Darren Barnes snuck her in to the pits at the track where he was racing, she was only two years old at the time. Annabeth got her first go-kart at the age of 6 and very soon after started entering go-kart races, and winning them. Annabeth has not stopped racing since that day 13years ago. Her goal is to become the first woman to win the 'Daytona 500'

So don't be afraid of competing against the boys, you may just have what it takes to become the South African Go-Kart champion.


This page was last updated on 10 May 2016.